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Phone: 704.944.4260
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Superior School of Real Estate Educates You for Success!

Bill Gallagher gives you a step-by-step plan of action on how to become a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Agent.

Meet celebrated real estate instructor Bill Gallagher and get real insight into a career in real estate. Get your questions answered and find out why NOW is the time to get your NC Real Estate license.

FREE Career Nights are offered at:

Ballantyne Village in South Charlotte
14815 Ballantyne Village Drive Suite 270
Charlotte, NC 28277

Birkdale Golf Club in Huntersville
16500 Birkdale Commons Pkwy
Huntersville, NC 28078

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If you are interested in becoming licensed in North Carolina to list and sell real estate, please read the following step-by-step plan of action to begin your career.

Step #1:
Complete Superior’s 75-Hour Provisional Broker Licensing Course.

Superior's 75-hour pre-licensing course is NC Real Estate Commission approved. To pass the class, you must attend at least 80% of the class and score at least 75% or higher on Superior's School exam.
View our pre-licensing course schedule!

In addition, we have the following study aids you can purchase to help you with passing your school test and state exam: Audio CDs (10-hours of review), Test Question CDs (1200 multiple-choice questions with answers/solutions), Vocabulary Flashcards (terms and definitions) and Math Workbook. In addition, you will receive the NCREC approved textbook and Superior School workbook.

Step #2:
Obtain the NC Real Estate Commission Licensing Pamphlet
, Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina, while you are taking your provisional broker course.
This informational pamphlet contains information on the entire licensing process, an application you will need to send to the NC Real Estate Commission after successful completion of your 75-Hour Provisional Broker Course, and the web address to order your criminal report.

Step #3:
Obtain your criminal report.
While completing the 75-Hour Provisional Broker Course, order your criminal report from The NC Real Estate Commission requires your criminal report to be sent to the Commission along with your application after completing the 75 Hour Provisional Broker Course. Please review your criminal report very carefully to assure accuracy.

Step #4:
Send your completed application to the NC Real Estate Commission certified mail return receipt requested which requires additional postage.
Please include with your application: certified check/money order for $30.00, your criminal report, and your Superior School Certificate of Completion. On your application, please follow the directions carefully in stating your present and past employment history, your present and past residences, and your school code and instructor number.

Step #5:
After the NC Real Estate Commission receives your completed application, you will receive a notice within 7 to 10 business days giving you permission to contact the testing service and schedule your appointment to take your NC Real Estate Commission Examination on computer.
The NC Real Estate Examination consists of 115 questions of which 110 are scored. You will need to score 75% or higher to pass the examination, which computes to 82 or more questions answered correctly out of 110 questions. If you score 74% or below, you may retake your state exam by scheduling another appointment with the testing center no sooner than 10 days after you initially took your exam. If you pass your exam, your application will be considered for licensure after review of your criminal report. After you are approved for licensure, you will receive your broker license in the mail. Your status will be “provisional” and you will be referred to as a "provisional broker."

Step #6:
If you wish to become active in real estate, you will need to associate with a real estate firm or broker and pay your annual renewal fee to the NC Real Estate Commission on or before June 30 of each year.
In addition, you are required to take 8 hours of continuing education before the second renewal of your real estate license. If you do not wish to become active in real estate, you will still need to pay your annual renewal fee to the NC Real Estate Commission every year before June 30.

Step #7:
You will need to remove your "provisional" status by taking three 30-hour broker post-licensing courses within 3 years of obtaining your NC Real Estate Commission Provisional Broker License.
You will need to take at least one 30-hour broker post-licensing course by the anniversary date of your license. You may take all 90 hours during your first year of licensure. The broker post-licensing courses are numbered 301, 302, and 303; moreover, these broker post-licensing courses may be taken in any sequence.
View our broker post-licensing schedule!

In order to successfully complete each broker post-licensing course, the student must attend at least 80% of the class and pass a school exam at the end of each broker post-licensing course by scoring 75% or higher on the school exam. After completing the 90 hours of broker post-licensing courses, your "provisional" status is removed. These 90 hours of education do not count towards your continuing education hours.

Step #8:
If you are a broker and want to open your own real estate firm, you will need to qualify with experience.
The experience requirement is that you must be in the real estate business for at least 2 years active, averaging 40 hours a week, or 4000 part time hours in the previous 5 years. In addition, new brokers-in-charge must complete a 12-hour initial broker-in-charge course taught by the NC Real Estate Commission.

After reviewing this information, please contact our Superior School staff or myself to answer any questions you may have regarding licensure in North Carolina. Our administrative offices are located at Ballantyne Village in Charlotte, NC. We have pre-licensing and post-licensing classrooms at Ballantyne Village as well as Huntersville, NC to serve the Lake Norman area. We are committed to providing "superior" education for each stage of your career in order for you to be successful!

If you wish to compare our school's passing rate with other NC schools, please view and click on Schools/Sponsors.

After being in the real estate business and training for over 25 years, I look forward to welcoming you as a Superior School student.

Best wishes,







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